Rapides Parish Schools Continue to Grow

Rapides Parish Public Schools Show Continued Growth in District Peformance


ALEXANDRIA, La.-- The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) released 2023 performance scores
today. The results show another increase for Rapides Parish Public Schools. The performance score for the
district increased from an 80.4 to an 80.7. RPSB remains a B-rated school district, and this score marks the
highest performance rating under the current accountability system.

Eight schools improved by a letter grade in performance. There are now 27 schools in Rapides Parish that are
ranked as an “A” or “B”. 60% (25 out of 42) schools improved their overall school performance scores. 21
schools have been named “Top Gains” by LDOE.

Lessie Moore Elementary is among the Top 10 Most Improved K-8 schools in the state.

“We are excited to celebrate the success of our students, teachers, school leaders, Board Members and
communities. We are always focused on continuous improvement, and these outcomes show evidence that we
are working on the key factors that contribute to student success. The way our community has come together
over the last few years to support our children, their teachers, and our schools is proving to the world that
Rapides Parish truly is better together!,” Superintendent Jeff Powell says.

ACT Index growth has been significant, with students across the district improving their composite and also
excelling on the WorkKeys assessment.
Key Indicies 2022 2023 Change
Overall DPS 80.4 B 80.7 B +0.3
K/HS Assessment Index 60.7 C 62.2 C +1.5
K/HS Progress Index 90.9 A 89.1 B -1.8
ACT 65.3 C 68.5 C +3.2
Strength of Diploma 99.9 A 101.6 A +1.7
Graduation Rate Index 96,2 A 95 A -1.2

Other relevant data to show the continued progress of Louisiana students:
- Louisiana’s 2023 senior class earned the first annual increase in average ACT since 2017, even as the
national average dropped.

- Louisiana PreK-12 education improved five places in the U.S. News & World Report Rankings.
- Comprehensive 2023 Performance Score Data from LDOE.

About Performance Scores: Since 1999, the state has issued school performance scores for public schools,
which are based on student achievement data. To clearly communicate the quality of school performance to
families and the public, Louisiana adopted letter grades (A-F). All schools with sufficient data receive school
performance scores.