Physical Plant

The Physical Plant Department coordinates and manages a multifaceted administrative and facilities maintenance operation ranging across a broad spectrum of missions supporting the instructional component of the District. The duties and responsibilities fall under the Administration function of house and includes the following sections;  
Risk Management (Mr. Roy Rachal)
  • Insurance (Property/Casualty/E&O/Fidelity/Bonds/Student Accident) 
  • Claims and Litigation Management 
  • Contractual Review and Litigation Liaison 
  • Lease of Facilities 
Workers Compensation Program (Mr. Roy Rachal)  
  • Excess Insurance
  • Claims Management
  • TPA Contract Administration   
Maintenance of Facilities (Vacant) 
  • District Wide Work Order System Administration (Mr. Roy Rachal, Supervisor @ 318-449-3195) 
  • Receive, review, post and process invoices generated from work order purchases of maintenance repair (Ms. Lisa Clifton @ 318-449-3191) 
Logistics/Warehouse (Mr. William Dearbone) 
  • Moves
  • Custodial Supplies
  • Surplus Asset Management
  • Common Grounds Maintenance
  • Bleacher Inspection & Maintenance 
Capital Projects, Construction, & Renovations
  • Architectural, Engineering & Design (Mr. Kendal Perkins)
  • Project Management & Environmental (Mr. Joseph "Danny" Dotherow and Mr. Phil James)
Co-Coordinate the District's Safety and Security Team (Mr. Roy Rachal) 
  • Monitor and audit safety and security drills information “Navigate 360” (Mrs. Amy McCartney)
  • Safety, Security and Sanitary Maintenance Inspections (Mr. Keith Williams)
  • Co-administer the digital Emergency Operations software package “Navigate 360”
  • Assist in threat assessments and “hardening” of campuses 


Roy F. Rachal


Lisa Clifton


William Dearbone


Kendal Perkins


Joseph ''Danny'' Dotherow

Senior Project Manager

Phil James

Assistant Project Manager

Amy McCartney


Keith Williams


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