Nine students commit to becoming educators on Educators Rising Signing Day


ALEXANDRIA, La – Nine Rapides Parish students took one step closer in their aspirations to become the next generation of teachers by signing letters of intent to their prospective universities/colleges on May 2, 2023, which is Educators Rising Signing Day for 2023.

Educators Rising Signing Day is held every year in which graduating seniors, that are declaring Education Majors, sign their letters of intent to continue their journey into the profession of teaching. They are students of the Pre-Educator Pathway Program, which is a program that cultivates highly skilled educators by guiding young people on a path to becoming accomplished teachers, beginning in high school and extending through college and into the profession.

“As a Grow Your Own” program, we are encouraging our students to not only attend high school and become involved with our PreEducator Pathway and Educators Rising Club but to major in Education and come back to Rapides Parish to teach,” said Maegan Schopper, Rapides Parish Director of PreEducator Pathway and Educators Rising Club. “Over the past two years, we have seen consistent growth in the program, club and signings and have goals to continue to grow and shed light on the importance of teachers and serving as a future educator.”
These are the names of the students that signed their intent and commitment to education in the Fall of 2023:

Bolton High:
Amari Gaines- NSU
Kaitlyn Wilson- NSU
Jazmine Wilson- Jackson State
Buckeye High:
Adriane Laborde- ULM
Kallie Paul- ULM
Madeline Crooks- LCU
Haley Rachal- NSU
Tioga High:
Jessica Story- ULL
Charli Bailey- LSUA
All nine future educators are excited at the opportunity of making an impact in the world of education and in the life of children.
“I want to become a teacher so that I can be an advocate for other people to be able to become teachers and I want to let students know that they are smart and are important,” said Kaitlyn Wilson, Bolton High Senior.
“If I can change one person’s mindset, then that would be good for me,” said Jazmine Wilson, Bolton High Senior. “If someone doesn’t have something they need, I want to be the type of teacher that will give them what they need, because I don’t like to see people struggle or be alone.”

The Pre-Educator Pathway and Educators Rising Clubs help students through a high-quality curriculum focusing on anti-bias instruction, classroom culture, professional collaboration, understanding assessments, and authentic engagement, the pathway aims to address workforce needs related to the recruitment and retention of teachers. Students enrolled in the Pathway complete two education-focused courses (Multicultural Learning Communities & Foundations of Education) and two portfolio-based micro-credentials while participating in classroom and clinical experiences that propel them on their path to becoming highly effective educators.