When a student comes to your school in the middle of the year.  

The teacher maybe asked to enter grades from other schools, or when looking at your all term report (shown) you will see a student is missing a grade.


To enter grades

  1. Find  the grading period the grade is missing.  You are going to enter a assignment for that grading period called "Transfer Grade".   

  2. Click the drop down on the quarters to see the dates of the grading period you will choose a date in that range to for the assignment.


  3. Once you have your date simply create a assignment for that class, choose a catagory and a date. You can name the assignment "Transfer In Grade"

  4. You can click students and exclude students you do not want to get the grade, or just not give them a grade (you may have more than one student that needs a grade.

  5. Click save when done.

  6. Go to that class scoresheet

  7. Choose the correct grading period.

  8. Enter the grade, you may add a note on the grade that says if the grade came from another school, just so parents know that you didn't assign that grade it is just the grade the student came to you with.


  9. Click save when done.