2019 High School Teacher of the Year Recognition's

  • Carlee Norman

    Carlee Norman

    Alexandria Sr High
    ;2019 RPSB Teacher of The Year
  • Debra White

    Debra White

    Bolton High School
  • Rosanna Aycock

    Rosanna Aycock

    Buckeye High School
  • Avery Carlock

    Avery Carlock

    Glenmora High School
  • Lisa Himes

    Lisa Himes

    Northwood High School
  • Melanie Secoy

    Melanie Secoy

    Oak Hill High
  • Thaddaeus Sands

    Thaddaeus Sands

    Peabody Magnet High
  • Sgt. Roderick Jackson

    Sgt. Roderick Jackson

    Pineville High School
  • Jody Musco-White

    Jody Musco-White

    Rapides High
  • Jawarren Humphrey

    Jawarren Humphrey

    Rapides Alternative Positive Program for Students
  • Thomas Harrison

    Thomas Harrison

    Rapides Training Academy
  • Tioga High School