2019 Middle/High School Teacher of the Year Recognition's

  • Alexandria Middle Magnet
  • Melissa Ardion

    Melissa Ardion

    Scott Brame Middle
  • Melissa Grimmett

    Melissa Grimmett

    Buckeye High School
  • Caroline Dorman Jr. High
  • Wesley Smart

    Wesley Smart

    Northwood High School
  • Erica Clancy

    Erica Clancy

    Pineville Jr. High
  • Phillip George

    Phillip George

    Plainview High School
  • Diana Pharris

    Diana Pharris

    Poland Jr. High
  • Anita Hayes

    Anita Hayes

    Arthur F. Smith Middle Magnet
  • Michelle Landry

    Michelle Landry

    Tioga Jr. High
    2019 RPSB Teacher of the Year