Please get your "PARENT WEB ID LETTER" from your childs school. You will have to get one for each child.

Go to PowerSchool Public Portal, you can also find this link on our RPSB homepage.










Create a Parent Account

  1. To create a parent account, enter the following information:
  2. Name - Your first and last name
  3. Email - Student notifications and correspondence related to your parent account will be sent to this email
  4. Enter the desired username -
  5. Ca e
  6. Password - Your password must be at least 6 characters long

NEXT -  Link Students to Account

Enter student data from Web ID Letter


Enter YOUR relationship to the student (Mother, Father, Grandparent etc...)


Add other students if you have their letters, if not you can add them later from Account Preferences within the site.

Click ENTER button at bottom of the page.

IF you get a message about the student not being added.. double check your codes, sometimes zero's are actually O's and 1's may be capital I's or lowercase L's.

If all is successful your account should be created and you can now log on.

You can also search for the App in the Apple Appstore or Google Play Store Use this link for instructions on how to set up. 



Having problems creating or logging on to your account click here.