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Career and Technical Education (CTE) offers students of various ages with the opportunity to become lifelong learners by gaining the academic and technical skills training necessary to succeed in future careers. CTE prepares learners for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies, while providing real-world curriculum that provides a hands-on training component. High school students involved in CTE are more engaged, perform successfully, and graduate at higher rates.

cameraCTE Snapshot!

The average high school graduation rate for students concentrating in CTE programs is approximately 90 percent, compared to an average national freshman graduation rate of about 80 percent

More than 75 percent of secondary CTE concentrators pursued postsecondary education shortly after high school

Nearly 80 percent of high school dropouts have shared that relevant, real-world learning opportunities such as CTE, would have allowed them to become a high school graduate


Jump Start is Louisiana’s innovative program that allows students to focus on career readiness, while aligning their educational goals with Louisiana’s economic development strategies. Jump Start prepares students to lead productive adult lives, with the option to continue their education and training after high school in addition to earning certifications that will create a pathway to prosperity upon graduation.

Students pursuing a TOPS Tech Career Diploma, with ambitions to acquire an industry-based career, are required to attain industry-valued credentials to meet graduation requirements. However, all Louisiana students, even those on the TOPS University Diploma track are encouraged to obtain industry-based credentials in order to prepare for high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand careers.
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What is Jumpstart

Industry Based Certifications (IBC)

Professional Development


Middle and High School Teachers of All Content Areas are invited to EXPLORE financial education programs designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world.

tag1According to a 2016 study of K-12 educators done by PwC US, teachers don't feel comfortable teaching financial education. Four primary barriers exist. Many teachers lack appropriate curriculum, qualifications, take-home materials, and feel that financial education isn't seen as a critical skill for college and career readiness.

 Our Boot Camp is designed to equip Louisiana Educators with the knowledge, tools and classroom resources to teach students to become financially savvy and in control of their financial futures.

 If you teach principles of personal finance or want to learn more about infusing personal finance concepts in your classroom with content-crossing, standards-based, engaging curricula, then this Boot Camp is for you. Give your students an advantage that will produce lifelong benefits.

 Louisiana Jump$tart has what you need. Financial Literacy is what we do!

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If available, attendees should bring laptops or devices as there will be lots of hands-on activities.



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