Gifted & Talented Programs Overview

Contact:  Debbie Meginley

Gifted Program Coordinator


The New Horizons Program will:

  • Establish a psychologically secure environment for the development of intra- and inter-personal relationships.
  • Implement a differentiated educational program which will enable each student to achieve his/her maximum intellectual potential.
  • Provide opportunities and resources necessary for each student to develop his area of giftedness.

Program Overview

The New Horizons Program in Rapides Parish is primarily divided into two components: enrichment and academic. Both are child-centered where the teacher acts as a  facilitator. 


  1. The major impetus of the enrichment system is based on the development of cognitive and affective skills. 
  2. These skills are introduced and reinforced through strategies appropriate for gifted students and differentiated teaching methods. 
  3. Children in pre-school, kindergarten, first, second, and third grade participate in an enrichment program. 


  1. The thrust of the academic program is acceleration through differentiated teaching techniques and curriculum compacting.
  2. Both vertical and horizontal enrichment activities are included in the academic element.
  3.  Students in grades four through twelve are involved in an academic program.