Open Enrollment

  1. Open Enrollment is a process allowing students in grades 9-12 to apply to attend a high school outside of the student’s transportation zone. The student and parent/guardian must both reside in Rapides Parish.
  2. Students requesting Open Enrollment shall submit an application to the Rapides Parish School Board.
  3. Applications will be accepted upon the student’s initial registration in the district, or during the month of February. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  4. To be accepted for Open Enrollment, the student must be in good standing for the year of application as acknowledged by the principal of the sending school. Good standing means:

•  no more than one out-of-school suspension
•  no expulsion
•  passing all courses
•  no more than 10 unexcused absences
•  no 5th year high school students

Open Enrollment  Packet - Click here to download pdf.

Applications MUST be recieved no later than 4:00 pm - Feb 28, 2018
Rapides Parish School Board
Curriculumn Center 
Atten: Jan Morgan
505 6th Street
Alexandria La 71301

Applicants will receive an approval or denial letter by mail no later than March 16, 2018.
Once you have received an approval letter, you must contact the approved school and complete an enrollment packet