A recent change to Louisiana law has put release of student information in the spotlight. The Rapides Parish School District has always taken special care to safeguard your child’s personally identifiable information (PII). At the August 4, 2015 Board Meeting, Policy JR was passed to provide additional safeguards and to ensure compliance with state law. The law, as it may be interpreted, could prevent districts and schools from identifying your child in printed programs, media recognition and school yearbooks, etc.
We are strongly encouraging all parents to sign a consent form which will allow the inclusion of your child’s information as referenced above.
This law also requires parental consent for the sharing of information with the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA) so that he/she may be eligible for TOPS and other scholarships.
We will continue to protect your child’s PII. Please sign and return the consent form that you will receive from your child’s school or open the link below for a consent form and copy of Policy JR.

Consent Form(pdf)
Policy JR(pdf)