RPSB Employee Announcements

April 20, 2021 Update

Good evening from the RPSB Committee Mtgs!!!

The all important sales tax distribution was discussed tonight and while we don't have final numbers, Ms. Domite is estimating $4,500 for all positions requiring a college degree or state teaching certificate, and $2,250 for all other positions. Again, this is just an estimate....not an official amount. The official amount will be given at the May Board Meeting on May 4th. But we figured you may be interested.... have a great evening!!






April 14, 2021 Update

Below you will find the results from the curriculum survey many of you completed. We appreciate the time and the effort, and we are using your feedback to make some improvements for next year. We will update you again in the coming weeks. Thanks again.....




Curriculum Survey Responses - EOY Admin Meeting.pdf



March 26, 2021 Update

Good afternoon, everybody! 

We implemented a lot of new curriculum this year, and many of you were a part of that process. To get ready for 21-22, and the implementation of a new 6-8 science curriculum, year 2 of Ready math & 3-5 science, and continued expansion of ARC/IRLA, we need some information from you, the teachers who did the work! If you implemented one or more of the above-mentioned curriculum, please click on the link below and give us some feedback regarding what worked, what didn't, and what you want to see in 21-22. 

I promise you we read it, and I promise you we will do something with it. We are about to return to the negotiating table with the curriculum providers, and we want to make sure we get you what you need. Thank you for your help! 



Curriculum Survey - https://forms.gle/fGbHzf2EZ2uDBjmL6


March 12, 2021 Update

A special board meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 16th at 4:59 PM to discuss the motion referenced below. The meeting will be conducted ahead of our previously scheduled committee meetings.




March 10, 2021 Update

District 62 met last night to discuss the following motion:

Motion to discuss and consider taking possible action on the Better Facilities, Better Programs, and Better Pay proposal - Mrs. Sandra Franklin

After a presentation from Mr. Powell, board members engaged in a discussion regarding the motion. The following motion came out of that discussion:

Motion to: 

  • Reconfigure Peabody feeder schools by
  • changing Acadian, Martin Park, and Alma Redwine to Pre-k to 5th grades,
  • changing AFS to 6th-8th grades,
  • reconfiguring WO HALL as a Head Start Center.
  • Reconfigure Bolton Feeder zone by
  • changing D. F. Huddle and Rugg to Pre-K to 5th grades, 
  • changing AMMS to 6th-8th grades, 
  • extending Mabel Brasher’s attendance zone to include North Bayou students and closing North Bayou, and 
  • reconfiguring JPE to a Head Start Center.


  • Move RTA to the RAAPS location


Motion by Linda Burgess, second by Stephen Chapman.

Final Resolution: Motion Carries

Yea: Sandra Franklin, Linda Burgess, Stephen Chapman, Willard McCall

As of now, the motion will be discussed at the Tuesday, April 13th School Board Meeting.



Below are a few items that went before the board on March 2nd:

Motion to allow schools for the school year 20-21 to use quality points when determining a student’s average if doing so helps the student pass the course. 

This motion passed, and it was presented because some schools had reached out concerned that students who had performed extremely poorly the 1st semester were not going to be able to pull out a passing grade using the percent average even if they turned it around in semester two. A shift to quality points in some cases would allow for that same student to pass. This motion gives schools the flexibility to use either option to work with students to pass the course. Just to be clear, we are not changing the calculating of final averages for every student district-wide; instead, this option may be used if it helps a student pass the course as opposed to failing using percentage average.

Motion to discuss and approve expanding the Trinity School-Based Health Clinic Centers to the following schools under the existing IAA: Buckeye Elementary, Hayden Lawrence, Tioga Elementary, Paradise Elementary, Horseshoe, Poland, Phoenix Magnet, Plainview, Martin Park, Cherokee, Rapides High, Carter C. Raymond, Ball Elementary, Rapides Academy and Julius Patrick.

This motion passed, and through the efforts of Mr. Washington and his staff that brings us to 38 health centers across our district which is a pretty impressive thing! This means the district has added 24 health centers in the last 2 years and 31 since 2016. That helps a whole lot of kids and adults across the district.

If you are interested in seeing the full board agenda, click here.

And here are a few updates for you:

  • Enrollment month for magnet and Montessori programs, high school open enrollment, Choice, and the Virtual program wraps up today, March 5th.  We will update you next week once those numbers are finalized.

  • March is staffing month for all of our schools. Meetings to determine faculty numbers at each school are taking place now with principals and will continue throughout the month.