We are BRAVE!



Tioga Junior High School serves seventh and eighth grade students. Our current enrollment is about 590 students. 

The location of our school is at 1150 Tioga Road, Ball, LA 71405. 

As of Spring Testing results in 2015, our school score is a C. 

Tioga Junior High offers students the opportunity to earn high school credit through our elective classes . Our electives include, physical education, band, intro to computers ,  journey to careers, (or if asked by a teacher, you could be a teachers assistance).

  • Intro to computers is only for 7th graders.
  • Journey to careers is only for 8th graders


Additionally, our school offers a new exploratory class period for all students! Each nine weeks students have the opportunity to discover and develop their interests. 

Here are a few of your choices:

Exploratory Class Topics



Coding / Robotics

Creative Writing

Culinary Arts

Breakout EDU



Weight Training

Propaganda & The Holocaust

Cross Stitch

Pinterest Interest

Creative Construction

School website




Animal Behavior : THE Zoo!!!!



Math Explorations



Science Exploration

Wild Louisiana

Business Ownership

Current Events


Not Your Parents' Agriculture

Intramural Sports & Games

Educators Rising


Jazz Band


Investigation & Serial Crimes

Forensic Science

To represent our Brave pride, Tioga Junior High is organized into "tribes." Each tribe includes an ELA, math, science and social studies teacher, who represent and support the whole child in academics, behavior, and character. 

7th Grade Tribes:  

Apache - Team Leader and Science and Social Studies teacher Rana Willis, Math teacher Jeannie Barbat, ELA teacher Brandi Kimball 

Atakapa - Team Leader and ELA teacher Kathy Bachman, Math teacher Laura McDavid, and Science and Social Studies teacher Jessica Paul

Caddo - Team Leader and Science and Social Studies teacher Janie Williams, Math teacher Emily O'Glee, and ELA teacher Taylor Kennedy

Chickasaw - Team Leader and Math teacher Amanda Finn, ELA teacher Miranda DeCrane, Science and Social Studies teacher Dustin McAnn

8th Grade Tribes: 

Choctaw - Team Leader and Math teacher Michelle Landry, ELA teacher Lori Peterson, Science and Social Studies teacher Megan Prestridge

Natchez - Team Leader and ELA teacher Jessica Tarver, Math teacher Melissa Litton, and Science and Social Studies teacher Victoria Thompson

Tunica - Team Leader and Math teacher Amy Christman, ELA teacher Lindsay Cooper, Science adn Social Studies teacher Leslie Constance 

Gifted 7/8 Grade Tribe:

Comanche - Team Leader and ELA/Social Studies teacher Suzanna Williams and Math/Science teacher Tiffany Gotreaux


Principal Dr. Becky Pippen
P.O. Box 639
Tioga, LA 71477
Phone: 640-9412 / Fax: 640-0126