Tioga Junior High School serves seventh and eighth grade students. Our current enrollment is about 590 students. 

The location of our school is at 1150 Tioga Road, Ball, LA 71405. 

As of Spring Testing results in 2015, our school score is a C. 

The first school in Tioga was built in 1897. It was located east of the original high school, now Tioga Junior High. It was a one room building with no windows, wooden shutters, and a wood heater. This school was called Levin School. Miss Daisy Yeager was the teacher and Mr. W.W. Brasher, the director.  In 1914, Dr. Litton, Ben Gilles, Will Watts, and Ples Terrell began advocating for a consolidated high school at Tioga. This would mean consolidating four schools in the area: Ball, Rigolette, Brasher, and Tioga. There was much opposition, mainly to the three hundred-thousand-dollar bond issue to finance its construction, furnishing, and facility. It was passed and in 1915, they moved into the first Tioga High School building. The next three principals were Mr. Smith, Mr. Pet Chopan, and Mr. O.B. Adams. There were only three other high schools at the time: Bolton, Poland, and Cheneyville. A grade school at Ball was maintained until about 1931 and then students attended Tioga High School. Students from Ruby, Sardis, Dry Prong, Morris, Simms, Pollock, Big Island, Bentley, Rigolette, and Kingsville were brought to school by team and wagon. Students coming long distances stayed with families in the community or at the hotel. When the mill left in 1925, the school board wanted to move Tioga High School to Alexandria. Another bond issue was brought up and the people voted to keep the school. A new Tioga High School building was built in 1969 to the south of the old high school which then became a school for grades kindergarten through eighth. To this day, Tioga Junior High continues to serve a diverse student body from several communities.

The school mascot is the brave and the school colors are red and white.


Principal Dr. Becky Pippen
P.O. Box 639
Tioga, LA 71477
Phone: 640-9412 / Fax: 640-0126