Tioga Junior High offers the following club organizations to all intersted students. 

Beta Club



Math Counts


Student Council

Tioga Junior High offers the following athletic programs for student participation. 

Football - grades 7/8 - coached by Travis Racine, Andrew Littleton, and Dustin McAnn


Boys' Basketball - grades 7/8 - coached by Ron Heard and Blake Tison

Girls' Basketball - grades 7/8 - coached by Jimmie Sue Hayes and Debbie Johnson

Softball - grades 7/8 - coached by Kathy Bachman and Jana Taylor


Track and Field  - grades 7/8 - coached by Ron Heard, Robin Griffin, Jimmie Sue Hayes and Kevin Paul

Archery - grades 7/8 - coached by Adam McCoy

Tioga Junior High School encourages and provides opportunities for all students to get involved in the school and community. Check out the information regarding our athletic programs, clubs, spirit groups, and music performances. 

Students are on a six period schedule, coimprising of four 75-minute classes, a 50 minute RTI class, and a 44 minute exploratory class. Students attend ELA and Math class everyday. Students alternate between Science and Social Studies, as well as, PE and Electives, on an A/B schedule. The exploratory class changes each 9 weeks.


Principal Dr. Becky Pippen
P.O. Box 639
Tioga, LA 71477
Phone: 640-9412 / Fax: 640-0126