Students who are elementary grades K-5 have an elementary classroom with one face to face teacher and a paraprofessional. The students stay there all day, except for PT, and cover all of the normal subjects. The content is aligned with the state standards and the students progress at the same pace as they would in their home schools.


Students who are in middle school grades 6-8 have four face to face core teachers. The students are broken into grade level groups, and the 8th grade is also grouped by gender. The students progress through math, science, social studies, ELA, and PT classes during the day. They do not earn the exploratory courses that they would normally have in their home schools. The curriculum for the core classes are the same as in regular schools, so students should be able to transition into their home schools without penalty when they are released.


Students who are in high school are scheduled into two extended blocks of time with an ELA/social studies teacher available during one block, and a math/science teacher available during the other block.  High school students are grouped by gender and grade level. They use Edgenuity, an online computer program. Students may take any of their courses offered via Edgenuity, including electives. Because the program is aligned to the parish’s course guidelines, students are able to transition easily back to their home school when released.

Principal Clovis Christman
2121 Mason St
Alexandria, LA 71301
318-449-4774 (fax)