• SRO reading to students

    School Resource Office reading to our Pre-K students

  • you re

    "You Are...." T-shirts worn by teachers on Monday

  • Snow Day

    Snow Day at Paradise 

  • DARE Graduation

    5th grade D.A.R.E. graduation 2017-2018

  • School

    Paradise Elementary School


We have gotten off to a great start so far this school year! I am very proud of your support during Open House and can't wait to see you back during our grade level parent meetings. Having parents like you are what make our school and students so successful! With the implementation of Every Child Succeeds Act, our staff will be pushing all of our students to master neccessary grade level skills. So far, our students have accepted the challenges they've been given and have impressed me with their effort. Our schoolwide focus this year is for everyone to have a growth mindset. With this way of thinking, we will all thrive on challenges and believe that all things can be mastered. It may take us one or two tires if we aren't there YET; however, all of us are capable of greatness! Please continue to read with your student and have daily conversations aboue his/her work at school. Check backpacks and make sure taht you are signed up for CLass Dojo so you will know exactly what is going on with your student. If you have any questions, then please contact your child's teacher, our assistant principal, Ms. Thompson or myself at any time. 

Mrs. Dugas

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

Aug. 23-29: Barnette's Homeroom to Starbase

Aug. 30-13 & Sep. 5-7 Bruce's Homeroom to Starbase

Aug. 28.: 3rd grade parent meeting-5:00-5:30

Aug. 31: Band Fees due

Sep. 4: 1st day for band instrutments/supplies

Sep. 6: 4th grade parent meeting-5:00-5:30

Sep. 10: 1st grade parent meeting-5:00-5:30

Sep. 12: Choir Information Metting @ 1:00

Sep. 13: 2nd grade parent meeting 5:00-5:30

Sep. 13: Vision/Hearing K, 1st, 3rd, & 5th:Scoliosis: 4th & 6th

Sep. 17: Choir Auditions 3:45-4:45

Sep. 17: Title 1 Parent Meeting at 5:30

Sep. 24: 1st Choir Rehearsal

Box Tops/Community Coffee Labels

Please continue to send in Box Tops and Community Coffee Labels. 


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