In order to use the Powerschool Parent Portal app you must already have your account created.

1 - Download the app from the Apple Itunes App Store (link) or the Google Play Store (link)

2 - Open the App
     IMG 0461

3 - Open the app
4 - Click on "Where is my district code?"
5 - In the server address type ""

3 copy

6 - Click Submit - you should now have a district code and a GREEN check mark.
7 - you will then have a code and be asked to enter your name and password
  - once you log in (DO NOT LET YOUR PHONE Go to sleep)  it takes a while to connect.  If you get a "network connection error" keep trying due to the amount of data it downloads it may take up to 10 mins.  DO NOT LET YOUR PHONE go to sleep during that 10 mins