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Camp Carter

Camp Carter Cultural Cruisin'

ccarterStudents attending Camp Carter perform dance and music routines in a recital for guests that they learned that day and the day before with dance instructor Jane Albright and her mother, music instructor Ellene Owens. Twenty-one students from Carter C. Raymond attended the two-week camp that is in its fourth year. The theme this year was "Cultural Cruisin'." Nancy Noles, education coordinator for the Alexandria Museum of Art which oversees the camp, said the camp gives students on fun and educational experiences. One of the activities, Noles said the students enjoyed was visiting Forts Randolph & Buhlow State Historic Sites. - View Photo Gallery @TheTownTalk


  • Isaiah Anderson

    Isaiah Anderson

    Peabody Magnet High School
    Sr. 2018
  • Natalie Daigle

    Natalie Daigle

    Alexandria Sr. High School
    Sr. 2018
  • Tess Brown

    Tess Brown

    Bolton High School
    Sr. 2018
  • Maya Shelby

    Maya Shelby

    Tioga High School
    Sr. 2018
  • Cameron Bates

    Cameron Bates

    Pineville High School
    Sr. 2018
  • Monica Aguilera

    Monica Aguilera

    Rapides High School
    Sr. 2018
  • Elise Alford

    Elise Alford

    Buckeye High School
    Sr. 2018
  • Oak Hill High School
    Sr. 2018
  • Northwood High School
    Sr. 2018
Message from our Superintendent

Superintendent Nason Tony Authement

Welcome back to the start of the 2018-2019 school year. Our district’s vision and the reason that our school system exists is to prepare our students for success. For the vast majority of those students, that success will ultimately be defined in the workplace. So, we must create learning environments that provide opportunities for students to develop the skills that they are going to need to be successful.

Recent studies found that besides being proficient in core academic areas there is and will be a greater demand for employees with a different set of work skills in the emerging 21st century workplace. The ability to communicate effectively, to work collaboratively as part of a team, being creative and innovative, the ability to think critically, and the ability to solve complex problems are the key skills that will be needed for students to be successful in the workplace.

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  1. Item must come from Teacher or School Administration.
  2. Send from your rpsb email account.
  3. If photo has less than 5 students please make sure you have parent authorization form on file for each student - Click here to view or print policy and form.
  4. Do not edit photo, please send originals.
  5. Please send description of photo exactly as you would like it to appear check grammer and spellings.  Keep it under 10 words,  If longer than 10 words photo will become a news article with your description.
  6. We have limited number of spaces so not all photos submitted will be added.

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Elementary Teacher Recognition's

  • Natalie Curley

    Natalie Curley

    Acadian Elementary
  • Nicole Campbell

    Nicole Campbell

    Ball Elementary
  • Debbie Jones

    Debbie Jones

    JI Barron Elementary
  • Mabel Brasher Elementary
  • Michelle St. Andre

    Michelle St. Andre

    Buckeye Elementary
  • Michelle Sanders

    Michelle Sanders

    Cherokee Elementary
  • Stephanie Dunn

    Stephanie Dunn

    Forest Hill Elementary
  • Melissa Simmons

    Melissa Simmons

    Glenmora High School
  • Tracy Smith

    Tracy Smith

    Mary Goff Elementary
  • Karen Wiggins

    Karen Wiggins

    W.O. Hall Elementary
  • Hadnot-Hayes STEM Elementary
  • Teresa Teekell

    Teresa Teekell

    Horseshoe Drive Elementary
  • D. F. Huddle Elementary
  • Emily Blaney

    Emily Blaney

    Hayden R. Lawrence Elementary
    2019 RPSB Teacher of The Year
  • Allison Plunk

    Allison Plunk

    Martin Park Elementary
  • Danielle Marcotte

    Danielle Marcotte

    Lessie Moore Elementary
  • Rachel Thomas

    Rachel Thomas

    JB Nachman Elementary
  • Alicia Monroe

    Alicia Monroe

    North Bayou Rapides Elementary
  • Samantha Clayton

    Samantha Clayton

    Northwood High School
  • Angela Gorum

    Angela Gorum

    Oak Hill High School
  • Laura Wheeler

    Laura Wheeler

    Paradise Elementary
  • Nikki Snow

    Nikki Snow

    Julius Patrick Elementary
  • Kimberly Ward

    Kimberly Ward

    Peabody Montessori Magnet
  • Teresa Guillot

    Teresa Guillot

    Phoenix Magnet Elementary
  • Terri Smithey-Paul

    Terri Smithey-Paul

    Pineville Elementary
  • Mary Moore

    Mary Moore

    Plainview High
  • Angela Herde

    Angela Herde

    Poland Jr High
  • Tousha Henton

    Tousha Henton

    Carter C. Raymond Jr High
  • Carolyn Lindo

    Carolyn Lindo

    Alma Redwine Elementary
  • Leah LaCaze

    Leah LaCaze

    Rosenthal Montessori Elementary
  • Christy Hornsby

    Christy Hornsby

    Ruby Wise Elementary
  • Colleen Brooks

    Colleen Brooks

    L.S. Rugg Elementary
  • Amber Lee

    Amber Lee

    Tioga Elementary


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