1. Log on to PowerSchool, open your powerteacher gradebook.
  2. Select the class you need to verify (REMEMBER to run RECALCULATE grades before verifying grades).
  3. Also select the correct grading period.v1
  4. Click the A+ grading charm.
  5. Chose Traditional or Comment Verification (either one).
  6. Click the Final Grade Status button at bottom, window will open.
  7. 1 - In window but check in box that confirms you are finished.
  8. 2 - Enter date/time/Initials  for example 9-18-17/3:00 PM/RL
  9. 3 - Click SAVE when done.
  10. You will see a Final Grade Status button at bottom with check mark to signify you are completed with that class.
  11. Do this for each class you teach.
  12. v5