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Message from our Superintendent

Superintendent Nason Tony Authement

As we approach the start of the 2017-2018 school year, we enter a new era of accountability under the Every Student Succeeds Act. With that, the stakes for improved student achievement are once again raised. An achievement level of Basic on the state assessment will no longer be considered as the standard for proficiency. Mastery of the knowledge and skills needed to be successful at the next grade level will now be the new standard for proficiency.  - Read entire message



Nason "Tony" Authement Superintendent
Phone: 318-449-3102
Email -

Rapides Parish School Board
P. O. Box 1230
619 6th Street
Alexandria, Louisiana 71309-1230

Donna Basco
Executive Assistant to Superintendent
Phone: (318)-449-3102
Fax: (318)-449-3190


The Superintendent is the educational leader of the entire school district and is responsible for developing, achieving, and maintaining good educational programs, personnel, services, and facilities. Some of the responsibilities of the Superintendent are:

  • •  Visiting schools and programs at schools.
  • •  Meeting with parents and community members on a variety of issues.
  • •  Working with the Louisiana Department of Education on issues that pertain to
        Rapides Parish Schools
  • •  Directing the preparation and execution of the budget.
  • •  Making recommendations to the board concerning personnel appointments, promotions,
  • •  Making recommendations to the board for adequate utilization, operation, maintenance,
        and insurance of all school board property.
  • •  Completing observations and evaluations of administrative personnel as outlined
        in the Rapides Parish accountability program.
  • •  Investigating grievances and complaints.
  • •  Communicating directly with school board members concerning the school district
  • •  Providing information to the community on educational issues.
The Rapides Parish School Board meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the board meeting room. The Personnel, Education, and Finance Committees are scheduled to meet the third Tuesday of each month beginning at 5:00 p.m. Questions regarding meetings, agendas, minutes, etc. may be addressed to the Executive Assistant to the Board.

Executive Assistant Superintendent

Kimberly Bennett
Executive Assistant Superintendent
Phone: (318)-449-3103

Ms Brenda James
Executive Assistant
Phone: (318) 449-3103
Fax: (318)-449-3190

Deputy Assistant Superintendent of Administration

Mr. Clyde F. Washington
Deputy Assistant Superintendent of Administration
Phone: (318)-487-0888
Fax: (318)-449-3006   

Ms. Shelia Fields-Dupar
Executive Assistant to
Deputy Assistant Superintendent of Administration
Phone: (318) 449-3176
Fax: (318)-449-3006

The Assistant Superintendent of Administration assists the superintendent in the task of providing leadership in developing, achieving, and maintaining good educational programs, services, personnel, and facilities. The following are some of the areas of responsibility:

  • Purchasing
  • Evaluating personnel assigned by the superintendent
  • Making recommendations to the superintendent relative to employment, termination, and assignment of personnel
  • Resolving problems with regards to student discipline
  • Civil suits and court orders
  • Goals and objectives of the school board
  • Approving and maintaining a record of vacations for principals and central office staff
  • Supervising school plants and central office
  • Insurance programs
  • Civil defense and safety of the schools

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Rapides Parish School System is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants are considered for employment on the basis of qualifications without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex or handicapping condition. As provided by federal law, applicants may request accommodations in order to complete the application or to take any required employment test.
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