Meet Our Master Teacher
Heather Lipsey


h lipseyMy name is Heather Lipsey and I am excited to have the opportunity to work at Pineville Elementary School as their Master Teacher. I have been a teacher in Rapides Parish for 14 years and during these years have been provided many opportunities to grow in my craft as an educator.
In 2004, I began my teaching career at Carter C. Raymond, where I worked for the next 13 years. Last year, I was honored to be appointed as Master Teacher at North Bayou Rapides Elementary. During the last year, I worked to assist teachers in strengthening their instructional practices in order to increase student achievement.
As Master Teacher at Pineville Elementary, it is my goal to increase student achievement for every child by providing continued support to teachers. This support will be provided through collaborative efforts regarding best instructional practices and instructional strategies to meet the needs of all students. I am excited to be a part of the instructional team at Pineville Elementary, and look forward to helping build a school culture which will cultivate life-long learners while building relationships with all stakeholders.

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Pre-K  Lessie Moore (Kindergarten) 1
Kindergarten  Lessie Moore (1st Grade) 1
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Second Grade Lessie Moore  (3rd Grade) 1
Third Grade Pineville Elementary (4th Grade)
Fourth Grade Pineville Elementary (5th Grade)
Fifth Grade Pineville Elementary (6th Grade)

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Pre-K  D. F. Huddle (Kindergarten) 2
Kindergarten  D. F. Huddle (1st Grade) 2
First Grade  North Bayou Elementary (2nd Grade) 2
Second Grade North Bayou Elementary (3rd Grade) 2
Third Grade North Bayou Elementary (4th Grade) 2
Fourth Grade L. S. Rugg Elementary (5th Grade) 2
Fifth Grade Julius Patrick Elementary (6th Grade) 2

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Acadian Elementary

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Pre-K  Acadian  (Kindergarten) 3
Kindergarten  Martin Park (1st Grade) 3
First Grade  Martin Park (2nd Grade) 3
Second Grade Martin Park 3rd Grade) 3
Third Grade Alma Redwine (4th Grade) 3
Fourth Grade Alma Redwine (5th Grade) 3
Fifth Grade W.O. Hall (6th Grade) 3

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Meet Our Principal
Tonya Normand



t normandWith the goal of being a Lead Learner, it is an honor to serve D.F. Huddle Elementary PreK-Kindergarten in the Bolton Bear community. It is my vision to for

t normandg

 the students at D.F. Huddle to achieve mastery of the curriculum, prepare them to become ready for College and/or a Career while building positivecharacter in every student.

My professional experiences range from eleven years in the classroom at Tioga and J.B. Nachman Elementary serving regular education and special education populations, Dry Prong Junior High teaching reading remediation, a Curriculum Specialist with training in Common Core, two years as the Assistant Principal at Alexandria Middle Magnet, and four years as the Principal at D.F. Huddle. These experiences have prepared me for the next step in my career of being the Principal of a D.F. Huddle PreK-Kindergarten in the Bolton Bear community.

t normandfContinually eager to learn, I have my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education for 1st-8th grades, Special Education Certification, and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education with an concentration in administration. In addition, I have 48 hours of training in Singapore Math, 16 hours of training in Lindamood Bell Phoneme Sequencing® Program for Reading, Spelling, and Speech, Data Teams certified, certified in writing Common Formative Assessments

 to measure learning, and Kagan trained in Cooperative Meetings . I am a CLASS reliable evaluator for PreK and a TAP evaluator for PreK- 5th grades.

I have been married to my husband for 29 years. He has dedicated his career to serving the City of Alexandria Fire Department. Together, we have one daughter. She is a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and works at a local hospital in the community. My hobbies include working out, hunting, and fishing with family members.

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