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Calls from school employees requesting supplies or maintenance at a school should be directed to the school principal.

The Supervisor of Facilities is responsible for the following:

  • To provide direction of facility maintenance and construction to the district.
  • To provide supervisory leadership in the development and maintenance of a comprehensive District-Wide Sanitary Maintenance Program;
  • To supervise and direct the district’s Risk, Litigation and Insurance Management
  • To supervise and direct the district’s Workers’ Compensation Program
  • To supervise environmental services management to the district;
  • To provide expertise as liaison/consultant to departments conducting procurement;
  • To supervise and administer the district’s work order system
  • To supervise and direct the district’s Custodial Services Operations
  • Staff assigned to district physical plant services operations, shipping, and receiving
  • To direct facility maintenance, construction and renovations;
  • To direct the insurance, risk management and custodial services activities;
  • To create safety and environmental committees in each school and monitor same
  • To direct file maintenance on accidents and environmental incidents for analysis; of direct the district’s environmental program
  • To direct the administration of the district’s workers’ compensation program;
  • To provide liaison/consulting for district’s purchasing programs;
  • To evaluate, manage, administer or provide liaison to TPA on all recordable workers’ compensation accidents/claims and facilitate annual reporting requirements;
  • To supervise and direct all aspects of the district’s worker compensation program;
  • To serve as secretary on the district’s stakeholders committee for maintaining the district’s Emergency Operation Plan (EOP);To work with principals and custodial personnel to maintain a high standard of safety, cleanliness and repair in the schools;
  • To supervise the conducting of safety and environmental field audits/threat assessments to insure that all facilities are in compliance with required safety rules and regulations
  • To keep records of all safety training conducted to include subject taught, attendance, date, etc.
  • To maintain the highest knowledge of professionalism in maintenance, construction, safety, environmental, shipping, and receiving fields;
  • To keep current rules and regulations regarding safety, drug-free, environmental and the procurement process;
  • To supervise and assist in investigation of accidents/incidents when requested by management;
  • To provide liaison between district and regulatory agencies regarding safety and environmental
  • To assist in technical oversight on environmental remediation projects, contractual review, specifications writing and special maintenance/renovation projects;
  • To evaluate, manage or provide liaison on all student, visitor, and motor vehicle accidents/claims in the district;
  • To maintain an adequate supporting filing system, assimilate response to legal interrogatory and provide liaison to district’s designated defense counsel in matters of litigation against the district;
  • To keep all records and safety materials up-to-date in accordance with state and federal laws
  • To respond to district emergencies and act as liaison between district and emergency responders;
  • To respond to community questions and needs regarding the safety.



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Rapides Parish School System is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants are considered for employment on the basis of qualifications without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex or handicapping condition. As provided by federal law, applicants may request accommodations in order to complete the application or to take any required employment test.
Asbestos Inspection and Management Plan Availability

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