"Flying Above Failure"


The Rapides Positive Program for Students, better known as R.A.P.P.S., is a program that was birthed the 2014-2015 school year. R.A.P.P.S. serves as the district's expulsion site for grades 6-12. Although students may spend an entire school year, or more, at R.A.P.P.S., students remain on record at their home schools. Moreover, students remain in sync with the scope and sequence of both GLE and Common Core curriculums. Unlike traditional school settings, students at R.A.P.P.S. adhear to a strict discipline regimine. Physical Training (P.T.) replaces the Physical Education (P.E.) course of a traditional school; however, grades are transferred back to the home schools' P.E. teachers at the end of the students' required time. 

Principal Matt Byrnes
2121 Mason St
Alexandria, LA 71301
318-449-4774 (fax)