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What is PBIS

PBIS is Positive Behavior Intervention Support which is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm. Introducing, modeling, and reinforcing positive social behavior is what this support system creates and it makes the undesirable behaviors less effective. This allows the classroom and school itself to be more efficient and effective academically.

PBIS expectations are expected behaviors and must be taught. Each teacher will plan to take 5-10 minutes at the beginning of the day to teach these behaviors. Each day the teacher will teach them the expected behavior for a different setting then reinforce that behavior when they are actually in that location.

The desired behaviors for the various areas of the school should be taught to each student and frequently discussed with the students by the faculty. It is important that students learn and understand the expectations of Horseshoe Drive Elementary. If these expectations are not met, students will conform to the needed consequences.

Students modeling the appropriate behaviors are rewarded. The incentives are very important to the PBIS program. We have identified behaviors within our guide, we must introduce, model, and teach the students and the reward students when they exhibit them.

Behavior Infractions


Talking without permission (stopped when asked)
Chewing gum/candy
Running in hall
Arguing (stopped when asked)
Lack of materials
Sleeping in class/head on desk
Passing Notes
Yelling at each other (stopped when asked)
Unexcused tardiness
Dress code (no belt)

Discipline Process

**The teacher has the right to refer a child to the office on the first offense depending on the nature of the incident.**



Click here to download our Horseshoe 2015-2016 PBIS Handbooks

Horseshoe Drive Elementary, New Vision Academy, is a vibrant learning environment inundated with positive energy and effort.  Our school embraces the philosophy and goals of the Rapides Parish School System ensuring that every child learns the essential knowledge and skills necessary for success in college and/or career.

Our Mission Statement is to maintain an environment in which all stakeholders, (students, faculty, staff, parents, and surrounding community) are "Visionaries" of excellence in social, academic, and moral growth.  Our school provides care and challenge for all students each and every day.

Horseshoe Drive Elementary, New Vision Academy is the "Home of the Mustangs," but it is also the birthplace of our school community's SAME curricula which fosters growth through Social, Academic, and Moral Education.  Our students are encouraged to be high achievers and productive citizens.  Horseshoe Drive Elementary, N.V.A. educators present our children with opportunities for academic and social-emotional growth that builds on our community’s values and beliefs.

Our motto is "motivated, dedicated, educated."  Our students, faculty and staff live by the matra, "good and great things are expected of me."  Welcome to Horseshoe Drive Elementary, N.V.A. where we strive to make our student's VISION a reality.