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News Around Our School....

 Tuesday,May 10- Anti-Bullying Program

 Tuesday,May 10- Faculty vs. Student Baseball Game will be held at 1:00. Admission is $1.00

Wednesday,May 11- Hadnot-Hayes Field Day

 Friday, May 13- Kiwanis Field Day for Terrific Kids

 Monday,May 16- Awards Day.


Our Administration

Shannon Carmouche - Principal

I am honored to be the new principal at Hadnot-Hayes STEM Elementary and have high expectations of our future!
As an educator, I believe the foundation of a school is built upon positive respectful relations that foster communication and inspire students to be responsible for their learning.
I am working diligently to improve current programs and include new programs to enrich our school and maintain high expectations for student achievement while focusing on the individual needs of each student.
I am looking forward to continue working with the dedicated staff, parents and community to provide an exceptional educational experience for Hadnot’s student. Together as a team, we can continue to “Strive for Excellence”

Shannon Carmouche

Sharon Wilcox - Assistant Principal



"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." Dr. MLK Jr

Courntey Stafford - Instructional Coach


Jessica Kador - Behavior Strategist


Shannon Hammond - Secretary