We are excited to kick off the year with two fundraisers!

Our PTC (Parent Teacher Club) is hosting a fall fundraiser with Big Time Fundraisers.  Your child has the opportunity to sell food items such as cookie dough, cheesecake, pizza, etc. to friends, neighbors, and family!  Students selling at least $30 worth of product win a prize!!!  Grand prize winners will have the opportunity to ride in a limo to CC's Pizza for lunch!  This fundraiser is always a big hit and helps our PTC tremendously for projects such as rebuilding the track, updating technology in classrooms, etc.

We are also selling Cherokee T-shirts!  These shirts are $12 each and students will have the opportunity to wear them EVERY Friday this year!!!  The money earned from this fundraiser will go to needed instructional supplies such as copy paper, resource books, etc.

Thank you for supporting Cherokee Fundraisers!!!