J. I. Barron Elementary School greatly appreciates all proceeds from fundraisers and donations made by our community and partners in education. 

There are several fundraisers that are done on a weekly basis, such as jean day and canteen, hosted by our PTO, on Friday of each week.  We also take part in several major school-wide fundraisers each year.

2016-2017 Major Fundraisers

Cookie Dough Fundraiser - Fall - approximately $22,769.60

Barron T-Shirt Fundraiser - Fall - $7,882.80

Santa Secret Shop - Winter  - $8,119.74

Barron Hoodie - Winter - $1,456.30

Spring Fundraiser - Spring - $5,762.00

Coca-Cola PBIS Fundraiser - Spring- approximately $4,806.00

Field Day T-Shirt Fundraiser - Spring - $1,948.99


All money from fundraisers and donations go straight to the benefit of our students.  The money goes to buy technology for our students, such as computers, Promethean boards and accessories, tables and chairs, items for the Barron Store and BSU, Field Day and Beach Blast supplies, and so much more!